I went to my first AA meeting today and as an icebreaker, each person was asked to say something about themselves, for example, "I'm Bob and I love cooking." When it was my turn I said "I'm Laurie and I'm a Funny Jokester." I figured that would go over better than saying "I'm Laurie and I hate blącks, Jęws, babies, retards and reposters."
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δυρρσrtεr σƒ δυrρrιѕε βυttѕεχ (*ㅡ_(#O_o) ❥ ℳφ Τατδ ♡㏘♡ ❥ ℳφ ξthαη
Your pic °-°
by ★Lυcĸγ★ ت, Sep 15, 2012
You're drunk aren't you?
by Cαr†εr, that SOB™, Sep 15, 2012
Hi I'm justin... Fuck you losers, I'm going to the bar.
by HOWIE~PoS™ , Sep 17, 2012
there! Lol
by ☆enjs alter-ego☆, Sep 17, 2012
by Stay Classy San Diego, Sep 16, 2012
same thing, and that's why we love you.
by Pistachio, Sep 15, 2012
just a smidge
by XxFELIXxX 1.2, Sep 15, 2012
You forgot to say KungFuSavage ( ._.) Jk biotch, I kno u luhv me (*¯︶¯*)
by Savage, Sep 15, 2012
Silly Laurie, just wear something low-cut and no one will listen to you anyways.
by Nicol Bolas, Sep 15, 2012
ice breaker specialist. gotta watch what u say around those butthurt lil bitches.
by T§ (└δJ)™ §ßÇ™°, Sep 15, 2012