stay low. move fast. kill first. die last. one shot. one kill. no luck. pure skill. ~ CoD motto first date. move fast. fast food. no class. my place. let's fuck. slapped face. no luck. ~ dating motto ( ._.)
By hunter , Jul 13, 2013
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Haha \(~.°)/ | | Im trying to hold //\\ it the top for you.
by Happy Tragedy., Jul 13, 2013
"one shot, one kill"? in COD? Is that even possible!?
by ...., Jul 14, 2013
Fuck CoD
by BTXGuy, Jul 14, 2013
hey guys we finally did it!!! we finally found waldo!
by DALEK [ABH], Jul 14, 2013
Pure skill no luck? Have you ever actually played CoD?
by Candela™, Jul 15, 2013
CoD has more variety. In battlefield you have TDM, Rush, Conquest, HCTDM, and with DLC's more. With CoD, you have twice the game modes, killstreaks, game winning killcams, and get to have more fun. And just because, FUCK BATTLEFIELD
by Josiah (old profile), Jul 30, 2013
fucking waldo I found you
by Dominic, Jul 17, 2013
The amount of skill it takes to play CoD is equivalent to how many friends I have... None!
by Synestive, Jul 17, 2013
@emboltic Wait 'till CoD Ghosts. Battlefield sucks shit out of a zombie's asshole compared to that.
by Yuno Gasai, Jul 17, 2013
I guess someone was on a dislike spree..
by nopx, Jul 17, 2013
sing this to the chorus of swimming pools(drank)
by Neal Enblomi, Jul 17, 2013
You don't wanna be the last kill. Then it shows you on the kill cam.
by *Beast*, Jul 16, 2013
by alex_goes_rawr, Jul 16, 2013
When people relate cod is pure skill, have you fucking see halo.
by -Suit-, Jul 16, 2013
I laugh every time someone mentions"Cod" and "Skill" in proximity
by eraser1(ABH), Jul 16, 2013
That is not a Call of Duty motto, it is a sniper creedo, then a bunch of teenagers who think they're highly trained snipers adapted it. It makes me sick.
by , Jul 16, 2013
We'd prefer to keep the Navy Seal motto out of C.O.D
by whatthefuckblake, Jul 16, 2013
by Nicholas, Jul 16, 2013
@...., Yeah, quickscoping
by Freshhyy, Jul 16, 2013
Fuck C.O.D.
by MooseHead, Jul 16, 2013
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