Teacher: Your test will be 50 questions. Me: 40 questions?!! You're really gonna make us answer 30 questions?!! 20 questions is more than enough!! Give us 10, but make the last 5 extra credit. Teacher: *rubs forehead twice* Me: *rubs forehead twice* Teacher: All right, I'm for it.
By The Appman (JLA) , Sep 9, 2012
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why would you wanna fuck bill gates?
by Waffles, Sep 10, 2012
why wouldn't you want to fuck Bill Gates?
If I had a nickel for every time ive seen a joke like this...id be FUCKING BILL GATES!
by Chuck norris, Sep 10, 2012
I didn't see the third top comment, so I've been sitting here for 15 minutes wondering what the hell the other two top comments are talking about (.-.)
by Bicycle Walker, Sep 11, 2012
Oh my god... There's soooooo much JOKECEPTION!
by yoshidino, Sep 10, 2012
He would be Bill Gates. Not sleeping with him -_-
by Chuck Norris Facts 101, Sep 14, 2012
i belive that logo is mine , i should eat you ( __ - ___ ) but i cant get up ....
by Just call me THE BATMAN, Sep 14, 2012
where do you go to school?
by Somebody, Sep 14, 2012
he is fucking bill gates because he is CHUCK NORRIS!!!!!!
by shivi, Sep 13, 2012
jokeception level:over 9000
by moo (BDJ), Sep 13, 2012
someone please explain the origin of these jokes
by Geekman2, Sep 13, 2012
What does bdj stand for?
by , Sep 13, 2012
id fuck bill gates bc he probably cums hundred dollar bills....but that's it
by Noely xD, Sep 13, 2012
sadly, then each question is worth more points. no pressure or anything
by , Sep 13, 2012
Dude if you can't answer fifty questions on a test then you definitely won't be graduating. Of course you that means you ain't smart enough 2 vote either.
by Leo, Sep 13, 2012
is someone gona post the video of bill gates fucking? or atleast post a link up? also if u have any other old rich bastard porn please post it that shit turns me on...i should really go to sleep
by Luqy, Sep 12, 2012
I think we've had enough of these jokes. they're not funny anymore...
by the crazy gremlin, Sep 12, 2012
... these jokes are hitting the dirt fast.
by Holmes, Sep 12, 2012
Bill Gates: (-o_o) I wish Steve were still alive. So I could tell him to suck it and see all the bitches I'm about to fuck. *looks around* Melinda! I have options now! And they're not stock options! \(o_o)/
by Sir Timid, Sep 12, 2012
this was a joke about a kid asking for 50 bucks and instead of giving extra credit he had to split it with his brother
teacher: ill see you after class ;-)
by Kbj93, Sep 12, 2012
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