"the curtains are blue". what your english teacher thinks: the colors represent his immense depression. what the author meant: the curtains were fucking blue!
By tigerlily <3 , Apr 11, 2011
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as an English teacher all I can say is amen
by up gunta up , Apr 13, 2011
OMG I fuckin hate how my english teacher has to metaphorically fuck the shit out of the simpleist things
by MoJo™, Apr 13, 2011
its kind of fun/insane to apply this to your own life. for example, on the way to your blind date you see two dogs humping, and you go "ooo foreshadowing"
by WillyWanka, Apr 13, 2011
The author chose a pineapple because pineapples foreshadow the death of your own uncle.
by You mad?, Apr 13, 2011
no shit! my English teacher does that all time!!
by kirstee, Apr 12, 2011
the tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs
by JAKEBERRY, Apr 24, 2011
Wow this new generation is filled with ignorance and stupidity.
by , Apr 23, 2011
So the curtains were fucking blue...i wonder how they're going to do this on blues clues...
by , Apr 17, 2011
The Curtains symbolize being cut off from the world
by The Repost Megatron, Apr 16, 2011
Who else read this in George Carlin's voice?
by JKC3NY, Apr 15, 2011
and the curtains along with the symbolism emphasize to the reader the depth of the characters sorrow. ..English teachers ruin my ability to read now every sentence has a deep meaning!
by , Apr 14, 2011
the english teacher would tell you to put the period inside the quotes
by , Apr 14, 2011
yo tambien soy dominicana hasta la tambora... lmaoooo
by , Apr 14, 2011
We were listening to the disney song, " Colors of the wind" , you know a sweet little song on how you should treat everyone, even earth as your friend. My english teacher thought it was about poetry! I mean come on indians in pocahontis didn't even know the fucking word... Such an idiot.
by Klondike Barﺕ, Apr 14, 2011
i showed this to my teacher yesterday cuz she said somethin similar and i got detention for having my phone out... shes just mad that im actually right for once :P
by McLovinIt(:, Apr 14, 2011
hell yea, and shes always sayin how everythings so damn vivid
by δhoσbëdøowôp, Apr 14, 2011
and that is why I hate English literature classes....
by SpaceStacker, Apr 14, 2011
@the way Ummmm leilany is a common hispanic name that has nothing to do with the ghetto.... Ignorance must be a really big part of your life
by ° ASH ° Ignorance, Apr 13, 2011
So true!!! My English teacher is like what does the boat symbolize? and I'm like who cares!!!! its a boat!!!
by I AM LEGEND (ABH), Apr 13, 2011
Hmmm, you look tasty. ;)
by BozzY, Apr 13, 2011
I hate when teachers try 2 look more into the actual story. Smh.
by Mexi, Apr 13, 2011
by hacked(;, Apr 13, 2011
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