Best sex position ever: The Angry Seagull. How you do it: Take your girl down to the beach, and start getting the mood right. Bend her over and start fucking her from behind. After you've been going at it for a little while and she's gotten your dick nice and wet, pull your dick out, slap it on the sand, then shove it back inside of her. She'll be squawking and flapping her arms immediately.
By Kobe , Jan 17, 2013
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Oh, God. Sand doesn't belong there.
by Whatsername, Jan 17, 2013
What if you get sand in your penis?
Evillll! Haha, but who cares (._.)/ Yay, guise.
by (._.) Yay, guise., Jan 17, 2013
dont try it
by swiss codemonkeys, Jan 17, 2013
One of the funniest things I've read on this app in a long while. Thank you.
by Stupid Guns, Jan 17, 2013
So... when I try this I either need a tower of sand leading up to my dick, or I need to flop on my side and then slap it in the sand...? Damn I'm confused
by Rhett, May 6, 2013
no thank you I'll have my nut
by officer nasty, Feb 18, 2013
It felt so good ooohhh aaaahhhhh
by Natashe, Jan 22, 2013
just sitting here "sanding" my wood
by MC grammer, Jan 21, 2013
Who in the bloody hell.....!?!
by ~*Laraye*~, Jan 21, 2013
fuck beaches. ... wait no, that's not right.....
by ShadowFangs, Jan 21, 2013
o_O kobe... you're white?
0 out girls.dont get fucked on beaches
by alliswell, Jan 21, 2013
(><\(00)/ just a visual :)
by Ariana Elyse, Jan 21, 2013
My girlfriend liked it..
by Gigo___, Jan 21, 2013
Well it would make a better home for the crabs
by ThatOneAwkwardGuy , Jan 21, 2013
didn't work! llab
by ("sick~will"), Jan 21, 2013
It's funny 'cuz Kyle got sand in his vagina! xD
by Brony_4_Life, Jan 21, 2013
That is so fuckin nasty
by , Jan 21, 2013
Instructions very clear, got dick stuck in sandy vagina
by Jokester User, Jan 20, 2013
cums uncontrollable
still a better love story than twilight
by ♠matt♠ (BDJ), Jan 20, 2013
insta crabs
by saucerking77, Jan 20, 2013
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