Fire alarm: 6th grade: OH MY GOD WHAT DO WE DO!!? 7th grade: Is it really on fire O_O?? 8th grade: Im taking this...and this...and this... 9th grade: Yes,no test today Mrs.Bitch!! 10th grade: Where's the fucking marshmellows?! 11th grade: Yeah...There's no fire... 12th grade: Yeah,I started that. XD
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How da fuck you know bout 12th grade??? Your 14....
by Dinner time, Apr 25, 2011
I burned my school down
by , Apr 25, 2011
12th grade: oops I guess I didnt put the flame out of my weed all the way
by HungryGirl*ABH*, Apr 25, 2011
Jeremy, get your facts straight.14 = 8/9th grade. genius.
by livelaughlove., Apr 25, 2011
Yeah im in 8th grade. Im like let me take my backpack etc. but leave my school work. ;)
by Teresa, Apr 24, 2011
That's not true in 6th grade I was the one starting nice pic cute.
by TOMAHAWK (child always), Jun 17, 2011
Im in 7th grade and I dont think there are fires..
by Hey you, You're beautiful (:, Apr 30, 2011
we got a teacher called miss beach every1 calls her miss bitch Coz she's a bitch...
by , Apr 29, 2011
I actually call my teacher mrs. bitch
by Kali is so Confused ABH, Apr 29, 2011
6th grade doesn't say dat they laugh not tryna b rude n dey scream n run around
by , Apr 28, 2011
either u dont know about 6th grade at all or my class is really mature we do the 9th and 10th grd stuff already
im in 6th grade & id do tht
by Syd, Apr 28, 2011
@sharky: Lmfa0, ididnt evn look at that but funny that you pointed it out... FAIL!
by Obey ., Apr 28, 2011
Fucking hate it when people do their names like that. Its not fucking cool, it never was
by -Ruiz, Apr 28, 2011
it is a joke stop pushing us around u used to be a kid too
by 'slept with your mom' (SBC), Apr 28, 2011
I'm more like " fuckkk, do I really have to get upp ? Theres no fire. Shit (-___-)
by Hi, im Paul (:, Apr 28, 2011
actually 7th grade is more like " PARTY DOWN THE FUCKING HALLWAY !!!! *shank, shank, shank, jumps to touch top of doorway * I WIN BITCHES " * referral , suspension, detention.*
@sharky i was thinking the exact same thing hahaha
by .:Churroman:. :D, Apr 28, 2011
hell yeah vvv lol
by Crystal., Apr 28, 2011
Lmao I do the 8,9, & 11 ones.
by CuteLilMonster*, Apr 28, 2011
o.O I'm in 5th and when the police come to see people r like ohhh the police is here for u
by egg, Apr 27, 2011
yo that joke was jank. 5 stars. awesome XD
by , Apr 27, 2011
lol good joke bt it don't matter Wat grade I'm in if I forget my bag and it has money in it I'm gettin it
by Mariah, Apr 27, 2011
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