its alright to take pride in your heritage. unless you're white. then its racist.
By ~°Dont*Ask°Dont*Tell°~ , Sep 13, 2012
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White people don't have the best history of letting other races celebrate theirs.
by Fustercluck, Sep 14, 2012
the reality of it is most white people aren't racist, we just hate hearing people bitch about the past that in this day n age isn't even relevant to them. I'm pretty sure every other race is racist against whites because the past....bitches need to move on and evolve
It is almost a disability to be white nowadays. If I tried to get financial aid for college, or had to have disability, I wouldn't be getting it. I know someone with MS that can't get disability, but all the baby mamas in the same town can. That makes me sick.
by lkuecrar , Sep 14, 2012
If your a white straight american male in this day in age. You my good friend, are fucked. Unless you like dick, your colored, or your a terrorist you are FUCKED.
KKK!!!! Sincerely -Tom
by Tom from Myspace, Sep 14, 2012
★its ok for white people to be proud of their heritage but they cant say white( because white isnt an actual race) they should say the race that they origionated from such as british, irish, russian ect.
by Edgar Allan Poe, Sep 21, 2012
"whites" traded guns for slaves. slaves were slaves b4 "whites" traded for them. africa traded slaves to us. but if not for"whites" u would b in aids infested war zone.
by Josh, Sep 20, 2012
Damn this subject is touchy.
by Lex blazed about, Sep 20, 2012
slavery has been around a lot longer than Americans. Do you think the pyramids were built with minimum wage? Or do you think people volunteered to be slaughtered in the Coliseum?
by Steve Stiffler, Sep 19, 2012
just because our people of the same race years before us were retards doesnt mean you need to be a dick about it . sincerley - im mixed with like everything
Well im English, so we may or may not have taken over 75% of the world at one point or another.
by Meowster, Sep 19, 2012
sorry bro we didnt wipe out a race like our friends the Spaniards i thrink we have a fairly good track record with letting other races have rights lets face it there is always going to be discrimination by people but at least our governments not doing it
you want us to forget? they teach slavery forever. its hard to forget when u cant even trace where u come from. its hard to forget when there is still people dieing over this bullshit. point blank period NO ONE WILL EVER FORGET.
by MyBeautifulGodGivenNameinn, Sep 19, 2012
Look at all these kids complaining
by Ty the Tyrant, Sep 18, 2012
This really sucks if you're Albino
by , Sep 18, 2012
Ughhh how i wish i was white...
by Asoo, Sep 18, 2012
it is what it is...
by ..., Sep 18, 2012
We may be colored on the outside, but we all feel warm, wet and squishy on the inside.
by WyvernFlare, Sep 18, 2012
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