Do you know how many fucking times I've cried for you? I can't think of anybody who I hate to miss, as much as I hate missing you. You had your chance to be with me and you blew it. I was so stupid to think for a moment you actually cared. I'm not even upset or angry anymore, I'm just tired, tired of putting so much more effort than I recieve. I'm tired of holding on for nothing and believing all your lies. Now I just hope you'll see me one day, and your heart stops, realizing what you could've had this whole time. Honestly, the hardest part about knowing that you don't love me, is that you've spent so much time pretending that you did..
By xcassan , Jun 18, 2011
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I'm just a girl from the netherlands. I've been through alot, but I'll always have a smile on my face :)
Love really hurts sometimes, I'm just gettin over the same thing
by , Jun 19, 2011
I still love my ex and I found out he got his girl prego and there together now it broke me into little piences when I found out :'(
by xAndreitax, Jun 20, 2011
pretendin is the worst
by Fλ♠ *Stargurl*, Jun 20, 2011
so damn tru
by lady keke, Sep 3, 2013
Story of my life.
by C r i s t i n a ' <3, Jun 30, 2011
i cn relate..ouch! its reli sad being ignored n nt being loved in return.. and we all knw it hurts being rejected..
by nobody, Jun 21, 2011
by Jassie', Jun 21, 2011
My girlfriend broke up with me today and this means something to me thank you </3
by BlueDinosaur<3, Jun 21, 2011
Love this poem and going threw it right now and it hurts.
by Solita, Jun 21, 2011
by Gummmiee((:, Jun 21, 2011
I love the ending
by , Jun 21, 2011
i really like this......ALOOOOOOOOT!!!!!
by WTFC, Jun 21, 2011
This Is So Fuckrn Truths They Never Know What They Got Tell Its GONE!
by LaGataLoka<3, Jun 21, 2011
smh its sad that your poem it identical to the problems I'm going threw no
by Connie Marie, Jun 21, 2011
that's the way always smile
by M3M0, Jun 21, 2011
I think almost everyone can agree with you including me :-(
by Kat, Jun 21, 2011
Ouch that hurts me :/
Been there
by ImaBossBitch93, Jun 20, 2011
ik woon in overijssel xD
by R.o.c.k.-.-.G.i.r.l, Jun 20, 2011
by , Jun 20, 2011
@sami, aawh thankyou so much. That's very sweet of you. I know it will be okay, it's just hard without him. But I'll keep smiling, he let me promise to him that I'd always wear my beautiful smile, :$
by xcassan, Jun 20, 2011
@Marski1, yeah I live in the netherlands! You too?
by xcassan, Jun 20, 2011
@nikki, it doesn't matter. Thankyou very much, I'm really glad you liked it :)
by xcassan, Jun 20, 2011
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