a man with a wooden eye was very insecure and he didn't go anywere thinking that people would notice his eye and be scared of him or just grossed out ( even though his eye isn't even that noticeable) so he's inside one day just sitting down being gloomy and his best friend shows up and says "come on man u gotta start living ur life, there's a dance tonight at city hall,come with me!" reluctantly the man with the wooden eye decides to go. unfortunately on the other side of town there was a girl who had really big ears who was really insecure and never went anywhere thinking people would make fun of her big ears so she's sitting home doing nothing just being gloomy when her best friend came over and said," come on girl u never do anything so how bout u come to the dance tonight at city hall with me!" reluctantly she decided to go. that night at the dance the man with the wooden eye and the girl with the big ears were sitting on the opposite side of the dance floor sitting in the corner trying not to have anybody look at there insecuries well the wooden eye man's best friend came over to him and said, "come on man ask a girl to dance how bout that girl in the corner she looks nice!" so wooden eye decided to go over there and asked he said, "hello whould u like to dance!" and the girl turned around and said "would I" (wood eye)and the man with the wooden eye said, "BIG EARS BIG EARS!"
By rainy/gloomy day lover , May 17, 2011
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tottaly kwl luved it funy as hell
by katie diggory HPC, Jul 17, 2011