10 reasons to date a welder ;) 10. We always wear the right protection 9. We don't mind gettin a lil dirty 8. We have no problem wearing leather 7. Can do it under water 6. We often go for ten or more hours a day 5. We have no problem workin out of position, even overhead 4. Can fill any size gap, or even open new ones 3. We always clean our pieces before goin to work 2. We always get good penetration 1. WE KNOW HOW TO MAKE SPARKS FLY
By Mr. Horse Power , Oct 18, 2011
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welders like it tight
by Alyssa, Oct 18, 2011
na you flash me ;) Haha Il give you a rod lol jk
by Mr. Horse Power, Oct 18, 2011
Flash me, i'm a welder ;)
by Alyssa, Oct 18, 2011
soooo true!(;
by , Oct 18, 2011
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